Modern Floor Finish for Zoho’s Modern Office Environment

When the international software development company Zoho Corporation designed a new office in the city of Kanchipuram, it was critical that the floor area facilitated a welcoming, relaxing environment for its staff.

Zoho Corporation knew that the chosen floor finish would have to be robust enough to maintain the desired appearance in the face of the scuffs, scrapes and stains inherent to a busy office space.

To achieve this, 1,800 m2 of the coloured floor hardener Surflex was applied. This solution is a quartz-silica mixture of finely graded non-metallic aggregates, plasticizer and cement binder that creates an attractive floor finish. Within Zoho’s new site it was used to create a dappled white floor area that conveyed the brand’s modern, high-tech identity and tied into the contemporary interior design style of the office.

The durability of Surflex is ideal for withstanding the wear and tear from both wheeled and foot traffic and its smooth, level finish makes it easy to keep the floor clean and unblemished.

The two-component, semi-rigid, PU epoxy hybrid joint sealant, DURAL 340 SL-IN was also utilised for this project to fill construction joints in the office’s pantry areas. This sealant is ideal for filling construction joints and protecting the concrete joints from spalling.

The entire flooring project was completed within the given timescale and Zoho Corporation was very happy with the outcome of the work, as they could rest assured that the finish underfoot would provide many years of reliable, on-brand flooring.

Project Details

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