Flowcrete India Launches the Level Best in Screed Technology

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Flowcrete India Launches the Level Best in Screed Technology

10 Oct 2014

Flowcrete India is delighted to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated Isocrete Self Level Plus to the Indian market.

The official launch date is October 1, 2014, from which point the product will be available for purchase throughout the country.

Isocrete Self Level Plus is a pumped, self-levelling, pre mixed and protein-free cement based underlayment designed to receive thick-set commercial floor finishes.

This new and exciting screed acts to smooth out and restore existing concrete prior to the overlay of subsequent floor coverings, such as carpet, vinyl or wood as well as underlayments, resin bonded systems, surface treatments and damp-proof membranes.

The new addition will make up part of the award winning Isocrete Floor Screeds product line. This range offers a variety of heavy-duty, self-smoothing and fast drying cementious surfaces that include resin bonded systems, surface treatments, damp-proof membranes and underlayments.

Globally recognised for delivering high-quality floor screeds, Flowcrete’s Isocrete systems are ideally catered to clients that desire a sub-floor which is built to last.

There are numerous benefits to using Isocrete Self-Level Plus, such as its fast track installation rates. Up to 2000m2  of the product with a thickness of 2mm, can be laid per day under suitable application conditions.

An incredibly fast setting time also means that an Isocrete Self Level Plus floor can be walked on just 2-4 hours after installation, significantly minimising disruption to a construction site.  

Amazingly Isocrete Self Level Plus is entirely protein free, which means that it will not harbour any surface bacteria, thus making it more hygienic than alternative products on the market.

Moisture sensitive finishes can even be laid on top of an Isocrete Self Level Plus screed just 24 hours after installation. This turn around is dependent on several factors including the floor thickness, ambient temperature and humidity levels in the building, which Flowcrete India’s experts are well placed to advise upon.

Isocrete Self Level Plus has been designed with environmentally friendly principles in mind to lower a building’s carbon footprint. It is free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) which reduces carbon emissions, it contains up to 40% recycled material which has been reclaimed from heavy industry waste and it has a reduced amount of organic additives, natural silica and sand.

Making up part of Flowcrete’s new green screed range, Isocrete Self Level Plus will allow architects and specifiers to meet the most stringent green construction ratings such as BREEAM and LEED.

The Isocrete Self Level Plus system has been proving its quality in numerous countries for a long time, including in the UK, South Africa and across South East Asia. Many prestigious, large-scale commercial and industrial developments around the world have benefitted from installing Isocrete products, including Gatwick Airport in the UK, South Africa’s Soccer City Stadium, Singapore’s high-tech chemicals company Lanxess BTR and the Royal London Hospital.


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Notes to Editors

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