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Due to the industry's need for being technologically advanced, Flowcrete India successfully provides the most innovate state-of-the-art production and maintenance facilities.

With over 25 years of thorough experience in the industry Flowcrete India has managed to create a successful track record with product offerings of complete flooring solutions to address the functional needs of any aerospace working zone; from product facilities through to maintenance buildings, hangars and catering areas.

Flowcrete India's self-levelling systems are seamless, providing the high-gloss finish and cleanability that is required for the production and assembly of complex aviation parts and supplies.

Flowcrete India's epoxy floor coatings are highly chemical resistant ensuring that the design is able to withstand the corrosive effects of Skydrol hydraulic fluid and other aviation fluids that are universally used in aircraft maintenance environments.

The additional systems that Flowcrete India serves includes self-smoothing, hard- wearing polyurethane systems for back-of-house and catering service areas, decorative terrazzos and fast-curing broadcast systems for commercial environments, as well as flexible polyurethane coatings for car parks.

At Flowcrete India we take full responsibility for assuring you with the most applicable solution to your flooring needs within aerospace environments.

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