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In conjunction with the continuous commitment to reduce carbon emissions and encourage greater use of public transportation, Flowcrete India has developed a range of acrylic resin-based flooring systems designed to provide a lively and safe environment for passengers.

Our vast experience of over 25 years of dedication in the manufacturing of high performance flooring gives us at Flowcrete India the needed expertise to provide an ideal range of flooring solutions for your railway settings, from the turnstile right through the platform edge. Flowcrete India offers a fast-track and fire-safe acrylic resin based flooring system, which is joint-free and has a positive textured colour finish that can be installed virtually overnight, minimising the inconvenience to passengers.

To increase passenger safety Flowcrete India's uniquely designed tactiles are a definite choice for designating platform edges, stairwells and escalators. Additionally, these flexible acrylic resin-based tiles provide raised studs or cords containing a high performance aggregate to ensure a slip and skid resistant finish.

To alert and enhance assertiveness of travelers, custom graphics are sealed into the floor presenting a striking and informative flooring solution that is designed to last.

At Flowcrete India we take full responsibility for assuring you with the most applicable solution to your flooring needs within railway and transport environments.

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