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Flowcrete India recognises that chemical processing environments worldwide are one of the most demanding workspaces, in particular, due to their exposure to severe chemicals such as concentrated acids, caustic alkalis and aggressive solvents. We provide an exclusive product offering of quality in our industrial systems, with vinyl ester coatings and lining systems developed to meet the requirements of this specialist sector in which corrosion protection and chemical resistance is of greatest importance.

Our Flowchem VE product range of corrosion protection systems are designed to protect against a wide reach of chemicals at various concentrations and temperatures. A complete range of vinyl ester resin types are provided to conform to the specific chemical exposures. Areas that are subject to extreme temperatures such as concerns of thermal shock or thermal cycling, fibreglass reinforced systems are developed by Flowcrete India to meet the particular needs.

The Flowchem VE range has versatile properties which make it appropriate for use in water treatment plants. Also for additional safety measures texture can be added to the system to increase slip-resistance. These systems are additionally offered in anti-static grade for solvent storage areas that are prone to risks of explosions.

Flowcrete India's industrial coating includes ultra chemical resistance epoxy coatings and our distinctly formulated Skydrol resistant finishes.

No matter how aggressive the environment is in your chemical processing area, Flowcrete India has the best solution to your flooring needs.

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