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Air travel has become an essential part of peoples' lives. The ability to connect to people across the world has become simpler and simpler giving rise to the continuous growth of global air travel and a substantial alley for growth. Airports form a major part of the travel experience, making it vital for us to be able to cater to the needs of passengers by shaping environments that are truly state-of-the-art in its appeal and feel.

Due to the various multi-functional spaces that airports operate within, the requirement for a wide range of performance criteria for the flooring is vital. At Flowcrete India we recognise the heaving volumes of foot and wheeled traffic at the airports in passenger areas and accordingly provide the seamless epoxy terrazzo systems which combine world-class aesthetics and durability.

As well, Airports have a long life cycle making it essential to build durable, long lasting sub-floor systems. The hard-wearing, self-levelling screeding systems that are offered by Flowcrete India are perfect for use under Flowcrete flooring systems and other floor toppings.

Car parks at the airport play a major role as well in the overall travel experience. Flowcrete India's polyurethane car park coating systems deliver flexibility and superior chemical resistance and also provide the ability to cope with structural movements and exposure to harsh weather conditions - requirements all of which are essential for car park environments.

We also provide self-smoothing, hard-wearing polyurethane systems for back-of-house and catering service areas as well as our self-levelling epoxies which are the ideal solution for aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities.

At Flowcrete India we take full responsibility for assuring you with the most applicable solution to your flooring needs within airport environments.

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