Flowcrete Provide Flowfresh for Plasti Crafts

Flowcrete Provide Flowfresh for Plasti Crafts

Established in 1999, Renuka Plasti Crafts is a global sourcing partner with expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing precision plastic injection moulded components. Driven by cutting edge technology, the client offers one-stop solutions for various market sectors such as healthcare, electronics and automotive.

For the main production hall and tool room the client originally enquired after an epoxy system, and whilst steeped with its own benefits, resin flooring specialists Flowcrete India explained the increased benefits of a polyurethane system. As Renuka had never utilised a polyurethane floor before, Flowcrete India guided the business through the specification, application and maintenance processes of the new floor.

Approximately 1,100 m2 of the chemical resistant, antibacterial polyurethane coating Flowfresh MF was used to floor the 60 m2 x 18 m2 main production hall. This system was applied in one go and laid to a tapered slope in order to match the floor’s level.

It was a challenge to apply so much Flowfresh MF in just one application, but this was a strict requirement of Renuka Plasti Crafts. The floor was applied flush to aluminium coving and to the bottom of the partition walls, creating a completely seamless finish. 400 m2 of Flowfresh MF was also applied in the site’s tool room.

Combined with the absence of joints where germs of by-products could become lodged, Flowfresh MF incorporates Polygiene®, a performance based antibacterial additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Using one matt colour for this abrasion resistant material also highlights items that could have been dropped on the floor, minimising the risk of trips.

The application process was completed in ten days, to the utmost satisfaction of the client, who has since specified a further 6,000 m2 of Flowfresh MF in its facility.

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