Flowcrete Resin Flooring Provides Peak Performance

Ethnic Tobacco India operates the first fully automated tobacco threshing plant in the country, with a total annual capacity of 36 million kgs. Following the formation of a joint venture with tobacco exporter KBH&C Portugal, the company set its sights on meeting international demand for its quality products ramping up existing production from 5 million to 25 million kgs per annum in the near future.

In order to provide a floor finish that would withstand the rigours of the manufacturing environment, Flowcrete proposed a combination of its polyurethane resin systems Flowfresh and Flowcoat LXP.

The highly durable, joint-free finish of the Flowfresh provides a hygienic, anti-slip surface that is easy to clean. A unique natural antimicrobial additive known as Polygiene® is incorporated into the resin mix, to deliver total protection against a range of bacteria including MRSA, SARS, E-coli and Salmonella Typhi, remaining active for the lifetime of the floor. The Flowfresh system, which was installed over an area of 5,400 sq metres at the plant, is available in formulations for dry processing areas as well as for chiller rooms and areas requiring frequent washdowns.

In zones of the plant where exposure to chemicals is more commonplace, some 3,400 sq metres of the Flowcoat LXP system were installed. Flowcoat LXP is a flexible and solvent-free polyurethane resin floor coating that offers excellent resilience to severe chemical attack and provides an easily-cleaned and sterile flooring surface.

Project Details

  • Client: Ethnic Tobacco India Pvt Ltd
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Guntur
  • Year: 2011

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