IL Palazzo CHS Ltd

Flowcrete’s Protective Deckshield Used at IL Palazzo

Located in the serene Malabar hill area, surrounded by the ocean on three sides, IL Palazzo stands on the highest point of south Mumbai. This residential complex was built to take in the view of Mumbai City, with each apartment designed to emphasise the free flow of air.

With this complex appealing to the affluent, the client was keen to maintain the contemporary and sustainable aesthetics from the construction to the car park. For this, Deckshield systems from Flowcrete India were chosen to refurbish the car park, thanks to the environmental credentials, durability and UV stability of the system.

2,200 m2 of the low VOC, solvent free, Singapore Green Label accredited, polyurethane resin Deckshield ID was used for the podium and basement levels of the car park, in grey. This created a colourful, watertight and hardwearing deck that included slip, chemical and abrasion resistance whilst being visually pleasing.

Bright yellow demarcation was used to create clean and clear distinction between the roadway and the parking bays. The seamless nature of these systems makes the flooring easy to clean, with dirt being unable to hide in cracks or joints, helping to keep this demarcation looking freshly applied.

A further 1,200 m2 of the polyurethane sealer Deckshield UV was also used on the podium, to ensure that the deck was UV stable and wouldn’t buckle under the sun’s rays. This sealer also provided an additional durable and abrasion resistant layer to further maintain the visual of the system.

Flowcrete India’s systems were installed within the two-month time frame given by the client, and the car park was re-opened, ready to create a great first impression.

Project Details

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