Specialist Hygienic Floors Supplied to Kusum Healthcare

Flowcrete India has worked with the pharmaceuticals manufacturer Kusum Healthcare to create ultra-hygienic floor finishes throughout its Indore based production facility.

It is imperative that the site, which makes tables and injectable liquids, maintains a very high level of cleanliness at all times in order to guarantee the integrity and quality of its medicinal products. Getting the floor finish right in each part of its industrial site is central to this, as the floor is a prime site for dust, dirt, bacteria and harmful microbes to accumulate.

For the contamination-sensitive production, warehouse and corridor spaces, 4,000 m2 of the antibacterial enhanced, polyurethane floor coating Flowfresh MF was applied. This system is ideal for intensive industrial areas that need to maintain a clean, efficient and functional space. The seamless and impervious nature of Flowfresh MF means that it is very quick and easy to clean while its robust properties ensures that it won’t deteriorate when faced with complex and demanding operational conditions.

Every system in the Flowfresh range has the antibacterial agent Polygiene® incorporated within it. This empowers the floor with the ability to inhibit the growth of up to 99.9% of bacteria and is a great way to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

An antistatic version of Flowfresh, Flowfresh ESD SL, was applied in the 750 m2 material handling area. Antistatic flooring solutions minimise static charge build up in the floor, which can damage sensitive electrical components or even be a problematic ignition source. Kusum Healthcare wanted to maintain a low level of relative humidity in its material handling area, which can increase the chance of static build up and so it meant that an antistatic flooring solution was required in this space.

4,500 m2 of the colourful, water-based, satin finished epoxy floor sealer Flowseal EPW was applied in the site’s large utility area to create an attractive, hygienic surface. For the plant’s water tank, Flowcrete India supplied 300 m2 of the specialist two-component, chemical resistant, epoxy based vertical grade coating, Flowcoat CRV.

Project Details

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